16" Worx Alloy Wheels Beast 803

16" Worx Alloy Wheels Beast

The WORX Alloys Beast 803 wheels have a tough off-road look that will make any 4X4 look beastly. The WORX Alloy Beast wheels feature a large spoke design with cut-out centers in the spokes and a large bolt head on both sides of each spoke.

The Beast is available in three finishes, a Gloss Black with Milled Spokes, a Ultra Bright PVD Chrome and a Satin Black finish.

Almost every current vehicle and many older vehicles come equipped from the factory with a government mandated Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). If your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS system from the factory, it is very important that you read the information in this link:
Important Information - Click Here

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WA803 6805SB+10 16X8 5X5.00/5X5.50 4.875BS 803SB BEAST SATIN BLACK - WORX ALLOY WHEELS $146.40
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