Front Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Lug Size: 1/2 inch RH or 9/16 inch RH
Bolt Pattern: 8x6.5
Max Stock Tire:32x11.50 on 8 inch wheel
OEM Wheel Size: 16.5 inch

Special Notes: Most of these trucks came with 9/16 inch lug nuts, but occasionally we run into some that have a 1/2 inch stud. Check your stud size before ordering lug nuts or a package deal and specify the size in the order notes. These trucks were originally equipped with square rear U-bolts, but over time and many owners, some were changed to round U-bolts. The suspension kits will come with square U-bolts. If your truck is equipped with round ones, you will have to purchase them separately.

Some of these vehicles came with 56 inch rear springs. If changing the rear springs, you can order the correct spring or move the rear spring hanger to the forward position.

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