Front Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Lug Nuts: 1/2" RH
Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5 or 5x5.5
Max Tire Stock: 31x10.50 on 8" wheels
OEM Wheel Size: 15"

Notes: In the late 70's and early 80's, some of these trucks started coming through with lock out hubs and a 5x5.5" bolt pattern. Rule of thumb, if the truck has lock out hubs, it is a 5x5.5" bolt pattern. If the truck does not have lockout hubs, it is a 5x4.45" bolt pattern. One exception is if someone down the line used a lockout conversion kit on a 5x4.5" truck. These conversion kits were popular with the gas crunch. If the truck is converted, the hubs are a much smaller diameter than a standard hub, and the bolt pattern is still a 5x4.5".
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