8 Lug Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers
We carry a large selection of 8 lug wheel spacers and adapters for about any situation that you may come across.

8 lug spacers can be used to widen the track width of a vehicle, allow for additional clearance of suspension parts, to convert a single wheel truck to a dually or to space the wheels apart to make room for a wider tire on a lifted dually.
To convert a single wheeled truck to a dually, use 4" spacers in the front and 3" spacers in the rear. This allows the use of standard dually wheels and fenders and the truck has the same width and stance as a stock dually.
The 2" wide 8 lug spacer is the most commonly used spacer when installing larger tires on a lifted dually. Depending on the wheel used, a 2" spacer will normally allow enough space to use up to a 13.50 wide tire.
These spacers can also be custom built in any width needed. Call us for information on custom spacers.