Front Suspension: Torsion bar/IFS
Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Lug Size: 14mm 1.5 RH
Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
Max Stock Tire: 32x11.00 on 8" wheel with proper offset
OEM Wheel Size: 16"

Special Notes: 88-92 Trucks came equipped with 2 bolt idler arm that was very prone to failure. GM updated the idler to a 3 bolt design in 93. If you have an early 2-bolt truck, buy the 93-98 model suspension kit and buy a SL 3209 adapter kit to replace the 2 bolt unit with a 3 bolt arm. Any parts store will be able to supply the new idler arm, just tell them that your truck is a 93-98.

Additional Note: Between 1988 and 1998 GM produced a light duty 2500 6 lug truck that is virtually identical to the 1500 with the exception of heavier torsion bars and leaf springs. These 2500 trucks use these 1500 kits.

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