Front Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Lug Nuts: 99-02 14mm 2.0 RH
02-04 14mm 1.5 RH
Bolt Pattern:8x170mm

Max Tire Stock:
32x11.00 on 8 inch wheels
OEM Wheel Size: 16 inch

Notes: This was not one of Ford's better ideas. Between 99 and 2000, there were basically 3 versions of the Super Duty. Changes in track bars, pitman arms and U-bolts really made picking a lift an adventure.

Make sure that you check the manufacture dates on the 99 to 00 trucks before ordering your suspension kit.

These kits will also fit the dually version with modifications to the rear lift components.

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