Front Suspension: IFS/Torsion bar
Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/Straight axle
Lug Size: 14mm 1.5 RH
Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
Max Stock Tire: 32x11.00 on 8 inch wheel with proper offset
OEM Wheel Size: 16 inch or 17 inch

Special Notes: These vehicles came equipped with hub-centric wheels. To avoid vibration problems, even though a standard wheel will fit, it is recommended to stay with a hub-centric aftermarket wheel.

Additional Note: The 1500HD 8 lug truck is still rated as a 1/2 ton truck, but has a heavier suspension and uses 8 lug wheels. This truck uses a kit unique to it. Standard 1500 kits will not fit.

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