BF Goodrich invented the radial all terrain tire. BF Goodrich started the radial all terrain craze with it's now Famous BF Goodrich All Terrain AT. BF Goodrich followed the AT up with the radial Mud Terrain. Off road tires up to that point had always been rough riding, short wearing bias ply tires. The BF Goodrich line of radial 4X4, light truck and off-road tires changed the market forever.

BF Goodrich tires are engineered by people who spend their weekends off-roading or at track day events. And they're proven to win in racing competition from Baja to Sebring. BF Goodrich tires have won the Baja 1000 20 consecutive times, own 17 X-Games Super Rally Medals and have over 50 years of Off-Road racing experience behind every BF Goodrich All Terrain and Mud Terrain tire.

BF Goodrich All Terrain AT KO and BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 tires set the standards for both on and off road performance.
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