Buckshot Mudders

The original Buckshot Mudder is back! Buckshot Mudders are the original, tall, narrow, bias ply tire that was a favorite for older Jeeps and owners that were looking for a great traction tire that would fit on stock size wheels.

If you are looking for a long wearing, quiet, good riding tire, this tire isn't for you. If you need great traction in a tough off-road tire, then you have the right tire. The deep aggressive lugs in Buckshot Mudders clean themselves in even the deepest mud and provide excellent traction in any terrain. These things howl like a banshee, take a ton of weight to balance, and can't be beat for off-road use. These tires are DOT legal but recommended for off-road use only. They do not any type of ride disturbance or out of round warranty.

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