A good set of shocks can make a world of difference in the handling of your truck even with the stock suspension. Bilstein shocks are a great upgrade for someone wanting better suspension control but not wanting to lift their vehicle. These Bilstein monotube gas charged shocks will provide crisper cornering, less sway, better control over bumps and an all around better ride. Bilstein shocks are engineered with vehicle specific valving tuned to your particular truck, not a generic shock that just happens to fit your vehicle. 

We've made buying Bilstein shocks for your stock, leveled or lifted 4x4 vehicle easy. These pre-packaged Bilstein shock kits contain four vehicle specific Bilstein shocks for your vehicle. Just choose the correct vehicle and the amount of lift on it and you will get Bilstein shocks for all 4 corners.

The yellow 4600 Series shocks are for stock vehicles with no suspension lift. The 5100 Series shocks are zinc plated and are available for most leveled and lifted 4x4 vehicles.

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