Eaton Wheel

Eaton Wheel creates custom built heavy-duty steel wheels. These wheels are available in a large selection of sizes and bolt patterns.

These wheels will arrive in a RAW, UNPAINTED FINISH. You can powder coat, paint or dip them to your favorite color.
We can also build these wheels in custom offsets at no additional charge.

We also offer Eaton Wheel 15" wheels for Rockwell 2.5T military axles with the 6x8.75 bolt pattern. These wheels are available in all 15" widths with or without bead locks.

Wide Wheels, Narrow Tires

Almost every current vehicle and many older vehicles come equipped from the factory with a government mandated Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). If your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS system from the factory, it is very important that you read the information in this link:
Important Information - Click Here


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