Mickey Thompson ATZ P3

Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 Tires

The Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 is the latest creation from Mickey Thompson Tires. The ATZ P3 is a hybrid design that fuses an all terrain tire with a mud terrain tire. Protection and traction are high priority when off-roading and the ATZ P3 comes through with flying colors.The new rubber compound provides improved cut and chip protection and the sidebiter sidewall design protects the sidewall. The new scalloped shoulder lugs and interlocking tread design  couple with multi-draft grooves for excellent traction in any terrain.

This Mickey Thompson exclusive POWERPLY 3 ply sidewall gives extra protection when playing in rocks, roots or deep ruts. The aggressive Sidebiters provide extra traction for climbing out of ruts or in off-camber situations.

More Sizes Coming! We Will Post Them To the Site As Soon As They Are Made Available.

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