PRO COMP Radial Mud Terrain Tire Specs


The ProComp MT Mud Terrain tire is an excellent choice for the driver that needs maximum traction in all conditions, yet still needs a tire that gives decent mileage and good road manners. The Pro Comp MT Mud Terrain`s Dualguard polyester construction, along with dual sidewall rubber, provides for extra protection in all situations. The high void, alternating three-lug shoulder design makes for a great self-cleaning tire that resists clogging and maximizes traction in even the severest conditions.
The ProComp Mud Terrain MT tire is an excellent choice for trucks and SUV`s that need superior off-road traction.

Pro Comp Mud Terrain




25031 31X10.50R15 OWL C 20.0 42
25032 32X11.50R15 OWL C 20.0 46
25033 33X12.50R15 OWL C 20.5 53
25035 35X12.50R15 OWL C 20.5 63
260265 LT265/75R16 OWL E 18.5 49
26285 LT285/75R16 OWL D 18.5 54
26315 LT315/75R16 OWL D 20.0 64
27033 33X12.50R17 OWL D 20.5 57
27035 35X12.50R17 OWL D 20.5 63