Super Swamper Bogger - 16" Diameter


16" Interco Super Swamper Bogger Tires

What can you say about the Interco Super Swamper Bogger other than it is the nastiest, baddest, off-road tire ever built that is still DOT approved and 100% street legal.

Want to go farther and deeper? The Bogger is for you! The nylon, bias-ply tire is right at home in mud up to your doors or climbing boulders larger than your truck. Don't expect much mileage out of them, but they do give a pretty decent ride on the highway for as aggressive as they are. Noise? Let's just say that your neighbors will know that you are coming home.

If you want the ultimate mud tire, the Interco Super Swamper Bogger is for you.

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