Ultra Wheel

Some companies have a slogan or icon to create their identity. At Ultra Wheel, they have an unyielding core principle of building strong durable wheels with precise fitments. Jim Smith, the owner of Ultra Wheel, established that principle on day one, which was over 26 years ago. His aggressive passion for truck racing saw him win countless individual races, along with the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series and the Baja 1000!

That passion and core principle catapulted Ultra Wheel to the pre-eminent truck wheel company in the U.S., which is still strong today. Whether you’re looking at truck or off-road wheels, high-end platinum line-up, or trend setting focal designs, Ultra Wheel only sells championship-caliber, quality wheels.

When you own a set of Ultra wheels, you will be riding on Ultra's core principle of delivering the strongest, most durable wheels on the market today.

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