Wheel Spacers

We carry a large selection of wheel spacers and adapters for about any situation that you may come across. These spacers are machined from 6061 billet aluminum with 10.9 tensile strength studs installed. These are not the cheap castspacers that you see floating around advertised for really low prices.

These spacers can be custom builtfor most 5, 6, and 8 lug vehicles in any size from 1" and larger in 1/4" increments. We are showing the most common sizes, but can special order in any size. Call us for any custom spacers that you need. These spacers can also be custom made to adapt wheels of one bolt pattern to a vehicle with a different bolt pattern. As long as you are staying within the same number of studs (5 lug to 5 lug, 6 lug to 6 lug), the pricing is the same. 2 piece adapters are available to adapt 5 lug to 6 lug or visa versa.

8lug spacers can be used to convert a single wheeled truck to a dually or to space the wheels apart to make room for a wider tire on a lifted dually. To convert a single wheeled truck to a dually, use 4" spacers in the front and 3" spacers in the rear. This allows the use of standard dually wheels and fenders andthe truck has the same width and stance as a stock dually.

Two inch 8 lug spacers are commonly installed between the rear wheels on a lifted dually to make room for tires up to 13" wide.

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