The Best Truck Accessories for the Off-Road Enthusiast

After making major modifications to your off-road vehicle, such as new tires, wheels, and a lift kit, it may be time to make a few more additions or alterations to get the most out of your truck or 4×4. If you are an off-road enthusiast who wants to be more adventurous on the trail, ready for anything mother nature might throw your way, consider upgrading your rig with a few accessories. As always, the accessories you’ll find most vital to your riding experience depend on what you intend to get out of your truck and where you intend to take it.


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Everyone Needs a Winch

Popular among off-road enthusiasts, winches are mechanical devices that wind up a cable to get your vehicle out of rough spots. Most would consider a winch to be a must for off-roading. Though advances in off-road tires and wheels allow trucks and 4×4 vehicles to go places that are inaccessible to most vehicles and perform better than ever, you will never be able to completely eliminate the risk of getting your vehicle stuck. A winch from Rough Country or Smittybilt Products will put your mind at ease. Manufactured from the highest quality materials for unparalleled strength and durability, there won’t be any terrain too intimidating to conquer.

Install the Right Shocks

Like other parts of your vehicle, the original shocks on your vehicle are not intended for off-roading. That’s why shocks are some of the very first parts that off-roading enthusiasts tend to replace when they know they’ll be taking their vehicle places the factory shocks simply can’t handle. Shock size and valving are designed to be used with tires of a certain size and wheels of a certain weight. If you’ve already upgraded to bigger tires and wheels, you’ll have to have your shocks upgraded as well if you want to maintain optimum handling and avoid over-heating. Aftermarket shocks, like the ones available from Bilstein, are able to dissipate heat better and offer manual adjustment.

Air Intake Systems That Improve Performance

Without clean air, your engine’s performance and fuel economy will decline. The dirt particles that are not filtered out can end up in the combustion chamber, and this can cause damage. Though a vehicle that has come straight from the factory will include an intake and filter, an air intake system from K&N Filters can greatly improve performance, reducing intake restrictions by straightening the path of the airflow to the intake.


Light the Way

Factory headlights may work just fine in the city or on the highway where streetlights help illuminate the road ahead. Out on the trail, there aren’t any light sources to help you better discern your surroundings. You’re solely relying upon the lights from your truck. You’re going to need more that forward-facing lights if you want to see to the side or if you need to back up. LED lights from Rough Country are brighter and longer lasting. Plus, they draw fewer amps from the vehicle. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be lighting solution for your rig.

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