Oh yeah, we see it every day. 12” and 14” wide wheels on 12.50 wide tires.

Popular among off-road enthusiasts, winches are mechanical devices that wind up a cable to get your vehicle out of rough spots.

Because there are a variety of activities when you take your vehicle off-road, it’s important that you choose the correct tires for your off-roading activity.

When buying your next set of tires, you may notice certain numbers or letters listed in the description or on the tires’ sidewall.

With an extensive array of customization options, you can make your vehicle look and perform however you choose. First, choose a tire. We carry every brand from Super Swamper to B. F. Goodrich to Mickey Thompson and everything in between.

Dually tires are known for being the backbone of any hardworking, dependable truck.

Dually wheel spacers are placed between two wheels on a dually application, allowing you to use wider tires without running the risk of having the tires rub against each other.

Dually Wheels

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The Jeep vehicle we know and love today was first designed for only military purposes. Engineers created the Jeep in 1941 for soldiers serving in Europe during World War II.

When you need both wheels and tires for your favorite off-roading vehicle, a wheel and tire combo package is your best option.

Ultra Wheels

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Jim Smith trusts his company’s designs so much that he has used his own wheels in his races.