Do I Really Need Oversized Tires for Off-Road?

Because there are a variety of activities when you take your vehicle off-road—including rock crawling, mudding, dune bashing, and cross-country—there is a range of tires that are specially engineered to perform best under certain conditions. It’s important that you choose the correct tires for your off-roading activity. If you plan to drive on established dirt roads that are relatively even, oversized tires won’t always be necessary. If you plan to tackle some serious off-road conditions, oversized tires are a must. Larger tires provide more ground clearance, something that’s required if you intend to scale steep, rocky inclines and other challenging terrains.

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Bigger Tires Don’t Always Mean More Traction

Many believe that larger tires will provide better traction in uneven, rough conditions. It is true that the correct off-road tires for the correct conditions will improve your vehicle’s traction, but merely adding mass to your tires is not the most efficient way to ensure your tires grip the sand, dirt, or riverbed. The first step you should take is investing in a winch. No tire will be able to offer you enough traction that you will eliminate the possibility of getting stuck. Even the most seasoned off-roading enthusiasts will find themselves in precarious circumstances from time to time. Make sure you get a winch as a contingency plan.

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Also, a traction differential for stock tires can offer more than adding bigger, more aggressive tires to your truck. In fact, the purpose of taller tires, first and foremost, is to raise your rig, giving it greater ground clearance. This does not necessarily suggest better grip.

Upgrading the Size of Your Tires Is a Big Commitment

Remember: when you decide to upgrade the size of your tires, you are also deciding to upgrade other parts and components of your vehicle. Larger tires add more weight and stress to your vehicle. It is a good idea to make up for the added strain by adding new ring and pinion gears and performance shocks. There are many other modifications, such as exhausts and custom intakes, you may want to look into purchasing as well. You will likely need a suspension and/or body lift to accommodate the larger size of your new tires. A body lift allows for larger tires to fit on your truck, but it doesn’t enhance performance. A suspension lift allows for greater wheel travel. This is a benefit that can serve you well in off-road terrains.

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