Coil springs are available in various sizes for most coil sprung vehicles. The amount of lift listed was engineered from a new vehicle, the actual amount of lift will vary by vehicle due to numerous factors such as original ride height, wear on suspension components, engine size, etc.

Superlift Suspension is one of the original suspension lift kit companies. Formed in 1975, Superlift Suspension remains a pioneer in the industry. Today, Superlift is one of the few suspension companies that is owned and operated by actual four wheel drive enthusiasts! Superlift Suspension's company philosophy and product line reflects this passion.
Over the past thirty plus years Superlift Suspension has enjoyed continued success by providing the truck / SUV owner functional products that perform as advertised. Superlift's Product Development Department staff uses the latest computer modeling technology, with most of their stock vehicle data supplied by the various new vehicle manufacturers. Superlift also understands that most people spend the majority of driving time on-road... Superlift products work exceptionally well on-road or off.

Superlift Suspension offers suspension lift kits for most off-road, 4X4, light truck, Jeep and SUV vehicles.