09-15 DODGE 1500 REAR AIR LIFT 1000 - AIR LIFT

When Dodge changed the rear end of the 1500 Ram trucks to coil springs, the change gave the truck a great ride but also gave up a bit in the towing department. These Air Lift air bags eliminate the squat, trailer sway and bottoming out that the 1500 Ram experiences when towing and adds up to a 1000 lbs in towing capacity.

This is a great addition to any stock or lifted 1500 Ram and the perfect time to install them is when installing a new lift kit.

This kit fits inside of the OEM rear coil springs on the 09-15 Dodge Ram 1500 and are made of a tough molded polyurethane for long lasting service. The bags are adjustable to custom tune your ride height and ride quality. Easy to install with simple hand tools, installation can be performed in about 2 hours.

NOTE ABOUT LIFTED VEHICLES: If you have a lift kit installed on your truck that uses replacement coil springs instead of lift spacers, call us with your loaded spring measurements and we can match an appropriate  air bag to your spring. If your rear end is lifted by coils spacers, this kit will work as shown.

This kit contains two (2) air springs, air lines, a Schrader valve and all hardware needed for installation.

Air Lift 1000 air springs support rear coil springs on many popular pickup trucks, SUVs, CUVs, vans and cars. Providing up to 1,000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity, Air Lift's air bag kits for SUVs and vans provide greater safety and comfort when you're carrying a heavy load.

Air Lift has been the premier supplier of air spring suspension products since 1949. Airlift produces products for over 540 vehicles and are known worldwide for high quality and dependable products