Dick Cepek Tire Specifications

Dick Cepek Tire Specifications

A Different Kind of Tire Company

Dick Cepek was founded in 1963 by off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek. The Dick Cepek Brand has always taken great pride in providing quality on and off-road products for truck, S.U.V., and 4x4 owners. Dick Cepek was one of the original "off road guys". Along with names like Vic Hickey, Mickey Thompson, Parnelli Jones and others, Dick Cepek introduced many new and unique ideas to the off roaders of his time. From it's humble beginnings as a means for Dick to supply his family, friends, and fellow off-road enthusiasts with tires that would take them off the highway and into the great outdoors, to today's high tech tire technology, Dick Cepek's mission is still carried out today by helping thousands of customers to enjoy products that enhance their vehicle and provide off-road capability to those that need it. We share the same passion for the outdoors that Dick enjoyed and we promise to keep that adventurous spirit alive. Today, the Dick Cepek brand of products are marketed by Mickey Thompson.

Dick Cepek Crusher Radial Tire

Extreme Terrain

The Dick Cepek Crusher Radial is perfect for truck owners seeking ultra aggressive off road traction and excellent handling on the street. The Dick Cepek Crusher Radial features a unique tread pattern, tough 3-ply sidewalls, functional skull and cross bone Sidebiters®, and a great selection of sizes to customize any truck, 4x4, or SUV.

Dick Cepek F-C II Tire

All Terrain

With it's unique "Hybrid" design between an all-terrain and mud terrain, the radial FC-II has proven to be a real "any terrain" radial. This is one tough tire! Specialty Light Truck (SLT) Sizes Feature 3-Ply Sidewalls with cross ply technology for better handling, increased puncture and tear resistance at the sidewall, and better towing capabilities.

Dick Cepek Mud Country Tire

Mud Terrain

The Dick Cepek Mud Country is one tough tire, on or off-road! Featuring the latest in radial tire technology including segmented molds for uniformity, 3-ply sidewalls for puncture resistant off-road driving and excellent towing capabilities, plus spiral wound nylon over wraps for high performance handling characteristics, and a wide footprint for stability and good looks!

Dick Cepek Crusher Radial Tire Specs

Dick Cepek F-C II Tire Specs

Dick Cepek Mud Country Tire Specs