Federal Couragia MT Tire Specs

Federal Couragia MT Tire Specs



Couragia Adventure Series
Federal's ultimate off-road tire. Rugged off-road performance with the looks to match. Unprecedented traction, grip and strength. Pattern engineered to clear foreign substances to ensure constant performance. Aggressive block and shoulder lug offer awesome traction on dirt, rock, mud and gravel. Strong protection block on the upper shoulders to handle the toughest terrains. Designed to conquer the impossible.


  • Large aggressive shoulder lugs. Strong protection block on upper shoulder for exceptional bruise, impact, cut resistance and protection from other off-road hazards.
  • Uniquely designed incremental block edge improves clearance of dirt and sand for constant performance.
  • Uniquely designed radius of sub-grooves enhances off-road performance.
  • SRG (Sloped Radius Gradient) block design increases block stiffness, enhances performance, and delivers serious off-road traction.
  • Bar at bottom of groove clears mud and rock particles and provide ultimate off-road traction.
  • Deep shoulder lugs and sophisticated central blocks fulfill the most demanding requirements of off-road grip and steering control when used for on-road applications.
  • Specially formulated advanced tread compound resists cuts, chips and abrasions for long life and even wear.

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The Total Tire-Tech Integration Concept utilizes computer simulations to optimize tread pattern design, tire profile, materials, and construction for maximum tire performance.
Tire-Fashion Tech.
By using jointless steel winding method applying on nylon overlays in between the tread and the carcass, it bonds the belt and the tread more rigidly.
Multi-cell based rubber compound which decreases instability within cells, thus prevent heat built-up on the tire.
Wide shoulder provides more stiffness to the tire while enhances water drainage.
Excellent evacuation of water is delivered, thus provides exceptional control and steering on wet surface.
Wide steel belt provides more tread contact to the road, thus increases stability.
Mud and Snow Rated.
More impact & sidewall shock absorption design improves riding comfort.

Raised rubber ridge encircling the lower sidewall above the scuff-rib line.
HA Oil Free.


Couragia Tire Specs