Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Off Road Shock Absorbers

The shocks that you choose can make quite the difference in the handling of your vehicle. Shocks come in many styles and price ranges.

For the average driver, a high quality Hydraulic shock will handle the job for your typical daily driver and occasional off-roader. These Hydraulic shocks are designed for use with 4WD vehicles that are either stock or lifted. A Hydraulic shock provides a smooth highway ride and are normally the shock that the manufacturers provide with their suspension kits.

Nitrogen shocks are the next step up. The Nitrogen gas provides a cooler internal atmosphere and reduces oil foaming associated with Hydraulic shocks. Nitro shocks ride slightly stiffer than a Hydraulic shock and provides less sway in hard corners. Nitro shocks also have the advantage of being able to be mounted upside down to reduce unsprung weight and will not fade as much as a hydraulic shock during heavy off-road use. Nitro shocks are alsoa good choice for heavier vehicles such as diesel powered and 1 Ton trucks.

Monotube shocks are close relatives to all out race shocks. A mono tube shock has a larger effective surface on the working piston that creates increased damping power and better handling. Improved dissipation of thermal energy outwards enables a consistently high level of performance. Monotube shocks can be run in either the standard or inverted position. If you are looking for a serious performance shock, the monotube shock is for you.