Off Road Tires

National Tire and Wheel offers a large selection of off road tires, all terrain tires and mud tires for your 4X4, light truck, SUV or Jeep.

All Terrain tires are popular for owners that use their vehicle on the street but still need some traction for winter driving and light off-roading. Additionally, Mud Tires are popular for those who get serious about off-roading or drive a lot in rugged and muddy conditions. Looking for a cross between the two? The newest line of off road tires are the hybrids, which are a cross between an all terrain tire and a mud tire. These provide more traction than an all terrain tire but are less aggressive than mud tires.

We also offer wheel and tire package deals that will arrive to your door mounted and balanced along with the lug nuts, center caps and valves needed for an easy do-it-yourself installation. We now offer an easy way to build your own tire and wheel package deal with our all new Tire & Wheel package builder.

Search for your tires two ways on our site! You can search by brand logos below and follow the easy-to-use categories to search different off road tires and sizes. If you know the size that you want but are not sure of the brand, use the Find It Easy feature on the left side of the page and search by tire attributes.